Donga stick fight

Donga stick fight

The Mursi and Surma are nomadic pastoralists living in a typically African savanna region very close to the Mago National Parks and South west close to the south Sudan border. These tribes have many impressive and mysteries common cultures from which Donga Stick fight is the one. Donga stick fight is held in every year mostly between late September to October, after the harvest of maize and sorghum. The fighting takes place among the youngsters of different villages. The fighting involves twenty to thirty people on each side of the village.

During this fights there are referees present to make sure all rules are being followed. For instance, they never hit anyone on the ground. Mursi and Surma youngsters from different villages fight continuously for more than five hours. The glorious winner will be carried away by youngsters to marry a chosen beautiful girl of the community and to become a responsible person in the community. The loser, however, will stay empty handed because winning Donga is the basic requirement for marriage in these tribes. Having the chances to visit this fascinating culture and tradition it is a life time memories.


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