Making tour in Ethiopia means , having wonderful and unforgettable experience once in life time. Ethiopia is one of the ancient countries in Africa that endowed with complex multicultural ethnicity with surprising nature, culture and 3000 years old history. Ethiopia is the place where cradle of human being discovered. The country also gifted with both tangible and intangibles natural resources and has been registered nine world heritage site by UNESCO. Ethiopia is the first country in the content of Africa having more than nine world heritage site.

Set Tour Travel and Car Rent Company one of the leading tour companies in Ethiopia and it is the right choice company to experience this wonderful country. Our company has been offer quality services to travelers since from its establishment. Our widened approaches toward our customer make us the most preferable from any other companies in Ethiopia. Our highly trend and professional employees from Northland and Ethiopian makes your say fantastic and complete. Our company encompasses luxuries new model cars with highly experienced drivers and professional tour operators, full trekking and camping materials and offer new mountain bike for bike riders. Therefore we are so welcome travel with you and discover the real future of Ethiopia.

What is make our company unique it’s hardly works and make change on the street children getting school as well as actively participating on community based project. Our company contributes out of the total yearly profit, its 10% for social development through legally registered non – governmental organizations.

Safe and fun. Authentic Hospitality. Delightful and Economical tour with unforgettable experience.


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